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Bolt From The Blue: Prologue
Title: Bolt From The Blue
Language: English
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Romance/Erotica/Drama/Humor
Status: WIP
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth

For this prompt on norsekink:

Tom is pregnant by Chris.
+1 if this isn't normal
+10 if they aren't in a relationship when it happens
+100 if you manage to fit elsa in there somewhere

He had been worried about possibly catching an STD because, as much as he liked Chris, he could not admit to knowing about his friend’s sex life. Had no idea if Chris was faithful to Elsa or if he went around with other women or, as he now wondered, other men. Perhaps a dozen or so of them? Tom had no way of knowing. But when the vomiting refused to cease and continued on every morning, regardless of whether the sun was up to signify actual morning, he knew he needed help. Knew he needed it and hated that he needed it. He called Sara and begged her to take him to see a doctor, but he made her swear to secrecy she would tell no one. She promised not to. He believed her, and when she showed up at his doorstep in her signature leather jacket and bleached white hair, he sobbed. He was happy to have a friend to lean on who would never judge him, and he just had to let that emotion out somehow, and he saw in her eyes she was mildly disturbed by the unexpected display of affection.

But she was naturally a good person, and she drove him straight to the doctor with no questions, keeping one hand on the wheel and holding his with the other. And he was honestly convinced they were best friend soul mates, two people who were just meant to find each other despite their differences. Because she had no problem explaining the problems to the nurse while he cried out of fear and uncertainty, and she held his hand between tests.

They took enough DNA samples to clone a dozen of them, he was certain, and then the doctor came back into speak to him. Looking perturbed and scared and a little confused herself, and he dully wondered when his doctor had been changed from the older man who had spoken to him when he came in. Wondered if that meant something was bad and braced himself for the news, one hand squeezing Sara’s so tightly it had to be hurting her while the other twisted in the stupid paper gown he wore. Scared. Terrified. Not sure why and sure all the same. Because this was bad, this was terrible, and he should really have made Chris use a condom. Why had they been stupid enough to have sex? Stupid enough to believe it would work out just because a bunch of fan girls went “squee” every time they found “romantic subtext” in Thor? Stupid enough to believe both of them were clean enough to go without a condom? He just wondered if Chris had given him something or if he had given it to Chris.

“Mr. Hiddleston, yes?” the doctor asked, and he nodded as a fresh wave of tears rose behind his eyes. Damn it, what was wrong with him? It was one thing to be dying, but it was something else entirely to be sobbing like a prepubescent girl watching a Nicolas Sparks film. “One of your tests finally came back positive, and though it makes little sense as to how it happened, it does explain all of your symptoms.”

“Is it because I had sex with a guy?” he blurted out, and Sara made a noise of interest, one that said he was going to have to explain to her, in detail, what had happened. Just like those fan girls, Sara had long been in love with two men making love.

The doctor smiled softly and patted his hand, pulling up a chair to sit down in front of him. “That would explain a bit of it, hon. We went over the tests three times to make sure we were right, but they came out the same every time. You’re pregnant.”

Her words were follow to Tom, and for a moment, he could not digest what the kindly woman in the white coat had said. Sara did, though. She, predictably, released a little squee of joy and bounced to her feet, throwing her arms around him. Always able to digest and accept information rapidly, and she was excited about the prospect of a little niece or nephew. But Tom could not wrap his mind around it. Was still protesting at the idea even as Sara started throwing names out, ticking them off on her fingers as if trying to choose between them. Even once the doctor convinced him to have an ultrasound, and he saw the proof in the little circle on the screen, he still could not believe it. But when the doctor let him hear the heartbeat, he started crying again because he was so shocked and awed, and then the shock fully took over. Because the little life inside of him was half of him and half of Chris.

What was he going to tell Chris?

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Very lovely, but will this be continued? I might develop a kink for mpreg!Tom ;))

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