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So Tempting: Prologue
Title: So Tempting
Language: English
Rating: PG for now
Genres: Romance/Humor
Status: WIP
Pairing: One-sided Thor Odinson/Loki Laufeyson

For this prompt on norsekink:

Loki is finally restored to him and this time Thor wants to do everything right. He's not blind to Loki's darkness anymore or the shadows that seem to follow him and he tries, he really does; be the loving, supportive big brother Loki needed him to be all those centuries ago.

It's just not as easy as that. 

His honest, innocent desire to love his brother the way he deserves is slowly but certainly subverted by naked, possessive want. And the way Loki is casting long, contemplative looks at him isn't helping either. Or the way he openly declares his admiration for Thor, hugging him without reservation, so different from the old Loki. And when this young, lithe Loki crawls into his bed at night it just makes the want itch under his skin, burns him from the inside out and it's only a question of time until he gives in...

Worst of all, it wouldn't be the first time he lets Loki get the better of him and Thor suspects this version of Loki knows.

TL;DR: Give me Thor lusting after Kid!Loki inappropriately and Kid!Loki being a teasing little devil about it. Please? ;.;

When the twin mortal boys he knew so well from Midgard were suddenly loitering in the doorway to his chamber, Thor knew something was wrong. First of all, as a general rule, Eric did not come to Asgard as it dredged up bad memories for him, memories of believing he would be lost forever in the annals of time. Secondly, also as a general rule, Shawn did not teleport to other realms because it was too hard and put too much of a strain on him, especially when bringing another person. Third, the last general rule, Eric tried to stay away from Heimdall because it was oh-so-obvious the mortal was enthralled by the Gatekeeper, and if he wanted to keep a relationship with the Man of Iron, he had to learn how to be faithful. Purging, Thor found, was an excellent way to do so.

But they were not alone. Standing just behind Eric, truly hiding behind him, was the barest silhouette of a boy, nearly perfectly concealed by the time traveler. Thor tilted his head but only had a flash of pale skin and dark hair before the boy moved out of his line of vision and frowned. He had not shared chambers with anyone on Midgard save Jane, and he had never taken her, so there was no evidence to support him having a child there. And since it was the only thought that came to his mind, he was lost as to why the twins had brought a child along with them.

“We need to talk, Thor,” Eric began slowly, one hand rising to rub the back of his neck. A sign of discomfort. Eric was hiding something. “I was doing what you said. Staying out of trouble. Being good. And then a knock came at the door, and suddenly, we had another houseguest.”

Thor frowned and stood, stepping rapidly to the side to try to catch sight of the youth, but yet again, the boy stepped away before he could. “Why does he hide behind you?”

“Because he’s your brother, Thor,” Shawn said softly, lowering his head.

Slowly, Eric turned and offered his hand to the boy, who hesitantly accepted it and stepped into Thor’s line of vision. And it was Loki, was the beautiful little brother he had always adored and should have treated better, the one who had died trying to end the battle he began with the Chitauri. And the Other had killed him as punishment for his insolence, but there he was, clinging to Eric with trembling hands, frightened green eyes locked on Thor. So terrified. Thor swallowed hard, folding his arms across his chest, trying not to let his overwhelming joy show. But it was Loki, sweet little Loki, and he looked so vulnerable and innocent and afraid. It was taking everything in Thor not to throw himself at the boy and sob to the gods of Asgard his thanks for bringing Loki back. Instead, he settled for crossing the room in a few quick strides and enveloping the twins in a hug, chuckling to himself when he heard Eric release a rather girlish yelp at being squeezed so hard.

“Thank you for bringing my brother home, my friends,” he said, leaning back and clapping both of them on the shoulder. When they nodded in return, he knelt to bring himself on a level with his brother. So young. Loki could barely be ten years old, and yet there was still something in his eyes, a flicker of knowing, of remembering who he had been, and that hurt Thor’s heart. He did not want Loki to remember those things, those awful, awful events. “Welcome home, Brother. You have nothing to be afraid of, not from me. You are safe here. No matter what the people of Asgard say or what Father decrees, you will remain by my side. Do you understand?”

The boy’s eyes flashed with disbelief, but there was hope there. He wanted to believe. “I can stay?”

“Of course you may stay. This is your home,” Thor insisted, offering his brother a hand and a small smile. It was all he could give.

But apparently, it was all he needed to offer.

Loki slammed into him, strong for a child who appeared only ten, and long arms were suddenly around his neck, clinging to him tightly. He nearly lost his balance at the sudden impact and threw one of his arms back to catch himself, the other winding tightly around Loki’s slender body, and one of his former little fantasies came flying back into his mind, unbidden. One he had not thought of since his boyhood days when daydreams came often and fled just as quickly, but only his never had. Not once they had taken root in his mind. No, they had always preferred to linger at the edge of his mind, coming to life at night and staining his sheets with a combination of semen and shame when he awoke. How could he ever bring himself to admit what he felt? But now, with Loki’s slim frame pressed so tightly to his, an embrace his brother never would have allowed before, he recalled the earliest urge to kiss Loki, to taste the soft, pink silk of his brother’s yielding mouth.

And by the gods, what was he thinking? Loki was so young now, his body so new and inexperienced, and such relationships could ruin a child before they were ever old enough to understand the relationship was not supposed to be painful.

He sucked in a near-silent breath of air but saw one of Eric’s eyebrows rise out of the corner of his eye anyway. Did the mortal suspect? “Come, Brother. Let us find you attire better suited for a prince. After all, I do believe a celebration is in order to welcome back the fallen prince of Asgard. And who better to win the sympathy and love of our people than a child?”

His brother furrowed his eyebrows up at him, but as Thor stood slowly, both small hands caught his and clung to it. He was stunned. Not only had Loki never once embraced him, not once, but they had never held hands. Never once.

“We’ll be staying until we can recuperate enough to head back home. Already cleared it with your mom, and I know I’ve said it before, Thor, but if I was bi…” Eric winked at him, then sobered and leaned closer, voice dropping to a whisper. One only Thor could hear. “I’ve got a book I was reading back on Midgard. You should come by my room later tonight to get it. I think it can help you.”

Thor frowned at his friend as the time traveler stepped back to stand beside his brother, the two so alike but so different. “What book?”

“You’ve never heard of it.” Eric smiled wryly and combed his fingers through his hair. “It’s called Lolita.”


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