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Compensation: Prologue
Title: Compensation
Language: English
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Romance/Erotica
Status: WIP
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson/Volstagg the Valiant; Loki Laufeyson/Hogun the Grim; Loki Laufeyson/Fandral the Dashing

For this prompt on norsekink:

Loki never really fit in. He had no real friends of his own and his brother's friends barely seemed to tolerate him. When he got older (and prettier) the W3 suddenly started acting friendlier. Then one day they invite him on a hunting trip. Loki is incredibly excited, but as he soon finds out, their friendship comes at a price. Give me some major Dub con! He can say no and go home, but this is his shot at being part of a group.

Loki sighed as he combed his fingers through his hair, tired from another night of staying up late to study the magic tomes he had found in the library. Another night spend alone since Thor was away with their father on a delegation to Alfheim and Loki had no friends of his own with which to spend his time. Not that he believed it was his fault. He was simply born to be a master of magic instead of a warrior, and because of that, he was often ignored by the three warriors who called themselves Thor’s friends. Oh, they had tolerated Loki’s presence when Thor was with him, but without Thor, he was viewed as a liability, and they ignored him. Shunned him, even. Not that he minded since they had never spoken a kind word to him in his life. Insufferable, loathsome, nasty little—

“Wait! Loki, stop!” The voice stunned him out of his thoughts, and he skittered to a stop as an all-too-familiar warrior hurried to catch up with him. When Fandral the Dashing finally did, he bent at the waist and rested his hands on his knees, shaking his head. “Your legs are far too long for your own good. It is no small wonder the maidens are not fawning over you. They cannot catch up.”

“Is there something I can help you with?” Loki asked him haughtily, folding his arms across his chest. It irked him that he was shorter than all of Thor’s friends, specially Fandral, who, though only a fair warrior, had women throwing themselves at him constantly.

The warrior smiled cheekily and clapped Loki on the shoulder, the move so friendly it stunned the prince and made him recoil slightly. “What? Have I already offended you? Well, let me attempt to make it right. The others and I have decided to go on a hunting trip, and we’re looking for a fourth member to join us. If you are not too busy studying your magic and whatnot, would you like to accompany us? It would be for a week at the longest.”

Frowning, Loki leaned his back against the wall behind him and narrowed his eyes at the warrior, not amused with a joke in such poor taste. No, he was not a particularly good warrior, but that was no reason to punish him with taunts about hunting trips. The offer would be dragged from beneath his feet the moment he accepted, and he knew it. He was not stupid. No, Loki Odinson had been called many things in his life. He had been called battle-shy and feminine, terrified of fighting and afraid to leave his mother’s side, but he was not stupid. Could never be stupid.

“Why would you ask me to come with you?” he snapped, his voice filled with venom, smirking when Fandral stepped back. “You have never shown any interest in sharing my presence.”

“I know, I know. I am aware of this. But you are finally of age, the same age we were went Odin took the lot of us on our first hunting trip. Since Odin is away with Thor, we thought we would do the honors of taking you on a trip with us. Loki and the Warriors Three! How does that sound?” Fandral asked, voice nonetheless bright and cheery.

Though he still suspected the request was false, Loki felt an odd tingling of excitement shoot down his spine at the thought of being included on a hunting trip. He had never been allowed to go because he was never asked to go, but Fandral was offering, and against his better judgment, he accepted. And got himself dragged to his room, where Fandral enthusiastically helped him pack what would be needed for the trip. And Loki should have known. Should have suspected something was wrong. After all, he was as fair and beautiful as any of the court maidens, and foreign diplomats had claimed his pale loveliness was equal to that of his warm, gentle mother’s. Though he suspected he was not supposed to, he was silently thrilled every time he was told he was pretty and preened like a colorful bird. He should have suspected the warriors might have ulterior motives, but he had not. He should have. He should have been intelligent enough to know. But he had not been.


“I am afraid I do not understand,” Loki said, biting his lower lip uneasily as he regarded the three warriors standing before him. He was sitting on a log, legs folded against his chest, breath beginning to catch in his chest. Stupid little Loki had fallen for their lies again. “D-do I have to?”

Volstagg shrugged his broad shoulders and smirked from behind his thick, curling beard. “You do not have to do anything you do not wish to do.”

“But if you do not, you can be assured this will not happen again,” Hogun added, dropping down to another fallen log, expression never changing from its grim set.

Loki frowned and turned his eyes to his boots, wishing he had spent more time studying the teleportation spell so he could simply transport himself home. But at the same time, he was seriously considering what they asked of him. How could he not? All three of the warriors were handsome in their own ways, magnetic, and they were asking of him what no other maiden or man had asked of him before. They desired him. They wanted to touch him, to be touched by him, and though he was uncertain as to if he wanted to go through with it, he was flattered. He had believed none of Thor’s friends liked him, much less wanted to spend time with him. Now, he had discovered that, not only did they want him to be one of them, they wanted him, his body, his touch, his kiss. It was exhilarating. And none of them knew of his odd body condition, how his most tender parts were not only those of a male, but those of a female. He could give them what they wanted, whatever they wanted.

“Just once?” he clarified, curling tighter into himself as the three of them leered at him. He had never lain with a man, and his face was flushing from the thought of it. Of being in another man’s arms. Something he had never considered before. “The three of you. Just once each. And you’ll be my friends? Even once we return to Asgard?”

Fandral nodded once and smiled, one that made a little spark of warmth come into Loki’s belly. “Even once we return to Asgard, and as we swore, we will not tell Thor nor your father nor any other man or woman or beast who lives. This will be our little secret.”

“And we will not take you in front of the others. It will be a private matter, and you will be given a day to rest between each one,” Volstagg added.

It now made sense why the hunting trip would take one week. If he took one of them today, and had a day off in between, he would have the last day of the week to fully recover and hide what evidence remained of their couplings. Sighing softly, he peered up at the warriors through the screen of his lashes, debating whether or not to accept or decline. On the one hand, he had known maidens who were desperate to be with the warriors, especially Fandral, and it would be a great honor to be bedded by all three of them.

“I suppose I shall do it,” he said softly.

A/N: I have decided to come out of the closet of Anon posting on the kink memes and am proudly admitting who I am. My other journal on here, which I have been using for quite some time, is sammihardy. I am using this lovely journal to post my Avengers, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man fanfiction. Be warned. It will all be graphic, especially this one.


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