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Emerald: Prologue
Title: Emerald
Language: English
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Romance/Erotica/Drama/Humor
Status: WIP
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson/Odin Allfather (stick that in your juicebox and suck it, ThunderFrost fans =3)

For this prompt on norsekink:

“I cannot give you a realm or power over others, but what will cause your rage to cool and hate to stop? What will content you, will quell your madness? Tell me now and you shall have it.” 

Odin isn’t a (complete) idiot. When Loki is brought back to Asgard post- Avengers, Odin knows that any punishment short of death Loki will escape from (Hell, Odin wouldn’t put it past him to get out of that too) and come back even more insane and vengeful than before. He’s also aware that Loki will not believe in their love and acceptance and even worse he’ll never accept it, so rehabilitation from that approach is also off the table.

So Odin, at his wit’s end, asks the above question. What’s Loki’s answer? 

“You may have whatever you want if only it will soothe your dark heart, Loki,” Odin said, voice weary as he gazed at where his young son stood. It had some to this, to appeasement, to cool the flames of hatred in Loki’s chest, and the Aesir only hoped it was not too late. “Anything I can offer you. But this all must stop. Asgard cannot lose more than it already has.”

Loki chuckles and folded his arms across his chest, green eyes flashing in the torchlight. “Was the death of your queen and son too much to bear? Have you truly given up the hope of destroying me?”

The last attack on Asgard had been another of Loki’s infamous attempts to capture the throne, but its end was affective in that Odin was surrendering whatever the Jotun prince wanted. After rallying rebel warriors in Vanaheim, Loki led them in a siege and slaughtered hundreds of Aesir before pulling them back to their own realm. One of the Vana had come upon Frigga and Balder and had killed them both upon realizing they were Aesir royalty, and it was brilliant on his part. With Thor living in Midgard, Asgard had no heir, and with no queen, no chance of having another heir. Odin was by no means close to death, but he was alone and missed his wife so much it ached. Never in the last three millennia had he known a pain as deep and sharp as what he now felt.

“It has all become too much to bear,” Odin said, lowering is eyes to his boots, unable to meet the trickster’s gaze.

“And I may have anything I choose as long as I stop attacking and you can grant it to me?” Loki’s boot heels clicked on the floor, and Odin briefly lifted his gaze to see the young god had begun to pace, the heavy green velvet of his cape whispering delicately just behind him. “I could have you torture Sif and her insufferable gaggle of morons, yes? Perhaps bring Thor home to Asgard and leave him in the dungeons to die. Or even have Heimdall chained down and have his eyes plucked from his skull. I could have any of those things, could I not?”

Odin felt his mouth dry and lowered his eyes once again. “Yes, you could.”

“And yet I desire none of them. I want something every realm will see, and they will know my power. Something much more satisfying than death or torture.” Loki paused in his steps, expression thoughtful when Odin yet again lifted his eyes to follow the younger god’s movements.

One graceful white hand rose in the air and fell gently, and the green and silver attired flowed into soft folds of white silk wrapped around the slender frame. Instead of the long-horned helmet, a circlet of silver rested upon the hair as dark as the night sky. Odin was stunned into silence as Loki padded up the steps to the throne, oddly innocent as he stopped before the king with an almost shy smile on his slim lips. When Loki knelt before him, smoothing the skirt of his gown beneath him, Odin’s hand tightened reflexively on his scepter. Loki had never been innocent, even as a child, and when he pretended to be, trouble arose.

“What I want is simple to give, and it is a gift that will carry its weight for hundreds of years,” the Jotun said, lips lifting in a smile as he folded his hands demurely in his lap. “I want you to take me as your consort in front of all of Asgard as well as my family. Wed me, and together we will bear the new heir to the throne. A child of Jotun blood and Asgardian blood. The treaty with Jotunheim will hold strong if a half-Jotun man sits on the throne, the product of two loving parents.”

The words were low, filled with gentle passion, but all Odin could feel was growing horror at the thought. Loki as his queen, his wife, the possible mother of one of his children. Another monster child, this one sitting on the throne of Asgard, tearing rents of chaos throughout the land, throwing all of the land into anarchy, and it would be a child of his as well as his beastly wife. How could he let such a thing happen to his beautiful, golden realm, the realm eternal? But he knew he must because he had already promised Loki whatever he wanted as long as the bloodthirsty attacks would end, and he knew they would. Loki would have the throne of Asgard and a guaranteed say in her future.

Loki continued on as he stood, bare feet whispering across the floor as he spoke. “You would benefit with me as your queen or consort, however you wish to call me. As you know, my mental capabilities are limitless, and my magic, though mocked, is unique to me and me alone. You would be seen as powerful to woo such a strong foe.”

“But why? You have made your feelings about me clear, and I know you have not hidden any romantic notions. Why this?” Odin asked, desperation leaking out of his voice. He had no finished Frigga. Never would, and now he would be forced to shame her memory by taking a new wife.

“My reasons are my own, and you do not need to know them to wed me,” Loki sniffed, smoothing his hands along the gown. “But this is what I want, and if I am granted what I want, I will cease all of my violent attacks against all realms. If it is all the same to you, I would like to have our wedding as soon as autumn comes. The colors are so lovely, and winter will be just around the corner.”

Odin heaved a sigh and stood, and he winced at the flare of triumph in Loki’s eyes. Forgive me for this, Frigga. “Very well. You shall have your wedding.”

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